Article 1: Name & Address

The organization is Kempshall Mountain Club Inc., 1541 Farley Road, Hudson Falls, NY 12839.

 Article 2: Purpose

  1. The purpose of this organization shall be conservation and the enjoyment of wildlife, fish and forests in the vicinity of Long Lake in Hamilton County, New York with special interest in lands leased by this club from ATP, Inc or its successor.
  2. The club may also promote legislation for the purpose stated in section 1 of this article.
  3. The club will seek full enforcement of fish and game laws and regulations.
  4. The club will encourage cooperation and cordiality among its members.
  5. The club will strive to coordinate its activities with state, regional and national conservation organizations to achieve its goals as stated in this article.

Article 3: Membership 

  1. Dues and assessments will be set by the officers and directors of the club with the concurrence of two-thirds of the members in good standing present at a meeting, provided members receive notice of the meeting and of its purpose at least five days before such meeting.  Dues will be set every twelve months and payable as specified; assessments will be payable as specified.  Only members who have paid all their current dues and assessments will be granted access to club land and permitted to attend meetings and to vote at such meetings.
  2. Membership year for each member will be determined by the member’s acceptance in the club and initial dues payment.  For administrative purposes, the club year will be divided into fiscal quarters which will start at the beginning of September, December, March and June.  A membership initiated in a quarter beginning in December or March remains in effect until the last day of that quarter in the following year; a membership initiated during the two quarters beginning in June remains in effect through August 31 of the following year.   Dues in advance of a membership year and outstanding assessments are to be received by the treasurer no later than the last day of the membership year in which they are levied.
  3. Charges of conduct by a member or members which is considered detrimental to the club or in violation of the club’s purpose as stated in article 2 must be made in writing to the president of the club, who shall inform all other club officers and directors of the charges.  The president shall undertake an investigation and share the findings with all officers, directors and charged individuals.  The accused member or members shall be given a reasonable amount of time to present to the president information explaining or denying the charges.  The president shall share this information with all officers and directors.  With their advice and counsel, the president shall then exonerate or suspend or expel the charged member or members.  No portion of dues or assessments already paid by members so expelled or suspended will be refunded.
  4. No member who is delinquent in any financial obligation to the club, such as dues or assessments or campsite rentals, is permitted to build or own or occupy a camp on club land.  And a member who is so delinquent and owns a camp on club land shall be required to remove the structure when notified by the club president. “As voted on at the May 2, 2010 meeting, the camp owner will have a one year period to successfully sell the camp or remove the structure from the club property.  In addition, the camp owner is responsible for all taxes and fees paid to the club’s landlord.  Failure to comply with the above stated requirement will result in the loss of ownership of the camp at which time the ownership will revert to the club.”

Article 4: Officers and Directors

Officers of the club are president, vice-president and secretary-treasurer. There are also six directors. All must be members in good standing; and all shall be elected for one-year terms at the annual meeting.  Duties and terms of office become effective upon election.  Election requires a majority of members in good standing present at the meeting, provided members receive notice of the meeting at least five days before such meeting.

Article 5: Duties of Officers and Directors

  1. The president is the chief executive officer of the club and shall preside at all meetings,  approve all payments to be made from the funds of the club, sign all agreements on behalf of the club and, from time to time, seek the advice and counsel of the other officers of the club and of the directors.
  2. The vice-president shall perform the duties of the president in the absence of the president or in the event of the president’s incapacity.  If the vice-president is unable for any reason to assume these responsibilities, then the secretary-treasurer shall assume the responsibilities of the president.
  3. The secretary-treasurer shall keep the minutes of all membership meetings and the file of all correspondence and shall have custody of all documents pertaining to the club.  The secretary-treasurer shall maintain the club’s bank accounts and financial records, make all authorized disbursements and submit all required reports to the appropriate government agencies, companies, institutions or individuals  The secretary-treasurer shall also report yearly the club’s annual harvest of fish and game, provide membership information as needed and submit to the membership at least once yearly a complete report of the club’s recent financial transactions and current financial status.

Article 6: Meetings

  1. The annual meeting shall be held during September.
  2. Special meetings shall be held when called by the president or when requested in writing to the president, vice-president and secretary-treasurer by petition signed by one-fifth of the members in good standing at the time.
  3. Notice of meetings shall be given by the secretary-treasurer or by the president to all members in good standing at least five days before the meetings.

Article 7: Amendments

The Constitution & By-Laws of this club may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the members in good standing present at a meeting of the club called for that purpose, provided the members have been given at least five days’ notice of such meeting and have received with that notice a copy of the proposed amendment or changes.

Article 8: Special Membership Arrangements and Considerations

  1. The officers, or the membership by vote of a majority of the members in good standing present at a meeting of the club, may forgive all or a portion of the financial requirements associated with membership, campsites or camps for any of the following: A member  who is of special service to the club, a member who becomes a sponsor for one or more new members, a member who is retired and who has maintained uninterrupted membership for a number of years, a member of longstanding service to the club who becomes disabled or injured or ill and who, as a result, would find the financial requirements for membership a severe hardship.
  2. The club may also offer honorary membership to individuals who have distinguished themselves by service to the community or to the causes of conservation and wildlife.

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