Mission Statement of Kempshall Mountain Club


  1. The purpose of this organization shall be conservation and the enjoyment of wildlife, fish and forests in the vicinity of Long Lake in Hamilton County, New York; with special interest in lands leased by this club from ATP Company, Inc., or its successor.
  2. The club may also promote legislation for the purpose stated in Section 1 of the article.
  3. The club will seek full enforcement of fish and game laws and regulations.
  4. The club will encourage cooperation and cordiality among its members.
  5. The club will strive to coordinate its activities with state, regional and national conservation organizations to achieve its goals as stated in this article.

Common Sense, Consideration and Moderation

As the clubs cross section of members changes and new people enter with new ideas and desires, a balance is always necessary. Nobody seems to want rules and regulations; but that is what runs any society. In our daily lives we are overwhelmed with these rules and regulations.  We go to our oasis in the woods, the club, to get away from them. Many of us feel less inhibited, less pressure, and more relaxed at Kempshall. Please be considerate of others.

There will be a segment of the club’s membership that will make a larger commitment to the future of the club, by building permanent camps.  These members will have additional responsibilities to their neighbors as the “camp” community grows.
Probably the most significant problem will be “noise pollution”.  The club is over 50 years old and change is inevitable.  Right now the club is in the process of its greatest changes: First, permanent camps being established and second, the introduction of ATV/UTV use on club property.  Both of these changes can be productive and beneficial to the long term survival of Kempshall Mountain Club.  However, without common sense, consideration of others, and moderation of our activities, we could cost our members the club itself.  Respect for your fellow club member, the land, and the great Adirondack wilderness is paramount.

Other clubs have let ATV/UTV use destroy their clubs.  When using your ATV/UTV with consideration, moderation and most of all using your common sense ATV/UTV use will work out fine.  We, as a club, have had very few problems, while some other clubs have fallen apart just because of selfish use of ATV/UTV(s). If they are used during big game season like a truck or a car, and prudence is used as to speed, then all should be well.  However, if children are brought to the club and are left to roam freely without restraint or parental guidance, problems with noise pollution and safety may result.