Information and Rules

Club’s Location:

Located on Route 28N on the north side of the road, from the Essex-Hamilton county line towards Long Lake, NY. The property can be accessed through any one of the club’s four gated roads.
See Property Map.


Land and Water:

The club leases 4,859 acres from ATP Company, Inc.  Most of the spread is in Hamilton County on the north side of Route 28N between Long Lake and Newcomb, New York; accessible through four gates on Route 28N.  The tract includes three private lakes and about ten miles of trout streams and brooks.  Hunting, fishing and trapping privileges under New York State laws are extended to members, their families and their authorized guests.  Regardless of State regulations, does (female deer) must NOT be taken on club land.


Recreational Shooting:

There is ONE approved area for target practice on the property.  The specified area is located on Long Pond road in the large sand pit. During the big game season, recreational shooting is allowed on an emergency basis ONLY and is limited again, to the Long Pond sand pit.  An emergency is defined as the need to sight in a hunting firearm and will be limited to a few rounds.

Motorized Vehicles and Boats:

ATVs/UTVs may be used only on existing roads which ATP Company, Inc. classifies as winter/summer roads; passable with a 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive vehicle. ATVs/UTVs may also be used on existing, approved trails. Snowmobiles must remain on trails created for their use or on roads indicated on the club map.  Snowmobiles are prohibited anywhere on club land during the big game seasons.  The use of personal motorized recreational watercraft is forbidden on any of the club’s ponds and waterways.  The only exception to the use of motorized boats on these ponds, are boats powered by battery powered trolling motors.

Club land may not be entered with motorized vehicles of any type during mud season, with the exception of ATVs/UTVs.  Members are expected to respect the mud locks on club gates to prevent damage from vehicle traffic.  Club members, family and guests may walk and/or use ATVs/UTVs to access the land during mud season.

ATVs/UTVs may ONLY leave the main roads during Big Game Season to retrieve shot deer or bear.

Motor Homes and Campers:

Motor homes and campers may be parked at specified sites only with club permission and only for limited periods.  The president or his representative is responsible for approving site and stay and is obligated to respond to such requests by balancing the interests of the club and its full membership; and the desires of those members seeking to locate motor homes and campers on club land.  The only parking site currently approved is the area known as the gravel or sand pit just beyond the Pickwacket Gate, west of the road.  Cost for Camper Sites is $50.00 for 2 weeks.

For questions or concerns regarding rules and/or regulations, please contact one of the following club members:

Officers and Directors

President: David DeLor, 1541 Farley Road, Hudson Falls, NY 12839.

Home  518-683-8660

Vice President: Melissa Holmes  104 Mountain Way, Hebron, NY  12832

Home  518-854-9290

Secretary/Treasurer:  Bill Carey 40 Fox Hollow Lane, Queensbury, NY 12804.  and .

Home  518-792-3229
Cellular – 518-338-8669


Fred Bitterly  1187 County Route 31, Granville, NY 12832  ph: 518-642-2271

John Solan, 387 County Rt 52, Greenwich, NY 12834.

Terry Fisher, 72 Brothers Rd., Wappinger Falls, NY 12590 ph: 845-297-4711

Richard Entwistle  138 Kilmer Rd., Argyle, NY 12809  ph: 518-638-8031

Jody Thieme, 3919 Francett Road, Vernon Center, NY 13477.

Mike Tracy  PO Box 497, Newcomb, NY  12852  ph: 518-582-4851